Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you kind and giving mothers. I, Michael, noticed that there hasn't been much in the way of posts lately. I guess I'll give it a shot.

Samantha had a ballet recital last weekend and performed as a ballerina and a "lost boy". Believe it or not, the frown is a pose. It's a pose that comes naturally to her.

Her grandma and grandpa Stone were there along with Eliza. We're glad they made the trip and had a nice short visit with them.

We also refinanced our home last week. This brings our mortgage to a 15 year loan at a 2.875%. We will be glad that more of our payment will be going to principle so we can earn equity at a quicker pace. If we end up here, we will have our home paid off by the time Samantha's eligible to serve a mission. It doesn't seem like such a long time.

William grew his first tooth. It is on the bottom middle. He is so handsome and really good for the most part. He can put himself to sleep at night with a bottle or binky.

We are going on a family trip to Illinois beginning May 31st. We are so excited. We are starting to potty train Zach. We won't be going full haul until we get back from our vacation. Zachary called me at work today to report that he perfomed a number 2 in the potty today. We are all so proud.

As many of you know, our move to Germany got put on hold a few weeks back. They have no idea when they will have the money to send us over. We are just living life like we are not going until they tell us that they have the money to send us. At that time, we will decide what to do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Nutcracker

Samantha was in her first ballet performance. She started taking ballet in August with two of her friends in the ward. This past weekend they performed. She was so cute!!! I felt a little bad for the girl that had to dance in the snowflake dance with all the 3-6 year olds, but she handled it well. Samantha was so mesmerized by her. She also did a mouse dance, and I kept trying to bribe her into doing it.

I tried several times to upload the videos, but couldn't, so I posted them on my Facebook page. Here are the links:

Mouse dance:!/photo.php?v=4971917493996

Snowflake dance (this one is a little longer):

 Isn't she the cutest mouse you've ever seen!?!
 Zach was so tired! But he was so good during the whole thing. Samantha had so much fun with Elizabeth and June (girls from our ward).

 William had fun blowing bubbles!

Michael got Samantha some flowers and she LOVE them. She points to them every day and says, "Those are my flowers!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

William's Blessing Day

William Ernest Robbins was blessed by Michael on Sunday. It was such a wonderful day! William received a wonderful blessing. It made me think that I better be a good mom, because he has a lot he needs to do in his life and he can't do it if he doesn't grow up in the gospel. I feel that way about all my kids, but it was a good reminder for me.

We were surrounded by family from Idaho too! Michael has three siblings that were able to come down, my parents and sister came, and my brother and his family came from Harriman. It was so nice to feel the support! Micheal's sister Beth took some wonderful pictures for us! My sister-in-law Melissa went shopping with me and helped me pick out an outfit for William, then hemmed up his way to big pants by hand for me! Everyone else was so great to keep things picked up and make food. I don't think that this weekend would have gone as smoothly without all the help! Thanks everyone, for letting me enjoy the day!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Heidi! 26 Years and Memories

Well, it's Heidi's birthday and as it only comes once a year I thought I should surprise her by sharing some memories I have of our time together. Yes, if I reach through the cobwebs in my brain I do have some memories back there. Heidi is very special and there are countless reasons I am glad that she married me. I can't take all the credit for the idea of this post as I saw the idea on a blog I follow ( and thought it was a great idea. I hope you all enjoy some light reading.

1.       I remember when Lawrence came to church with you and was teasing you for not going on many dates. My first impression was, “I don’t see why she doesn’t get asked out. I think she’s kind of cute.”
2.       I remember you invited me over to your apartment for dessert. You didn’t know you wouldn’t get rid of me after feeding me!
3.       I remember our first “official” date. I took you to go bowling. Boy was that a mistake! I bowled something like a 60 and you bowled over 100. I could tell you felt a bit sorry for me when I was feeling embarrassed by this. I saw a piece of you that day that I related with and I wanted to see where that would lead.
4.       I remember watching a movie outdoors at your parents. I especially remember your dad sitting right next to us in a lawn chair offering us popcorn. I guess he didn’t want us to get too cozy.
5.       I remember going to your birthday party at your parent’s house where I gave you a birthday hat and a bird whistle I got from a BYU-Idaho International Dance Festival. Your birthdays haven’t improved much since then.

6.       I remember that awkward walk where I wanted to have the (Define the Relationship) DTR talk but couldn’t find the words to say. We walked all the way to Broulim’s and back without saying a word. I thought I had embarrassed myself to much to ask you out again. The following day you came by my apartment and that let me know that I hadn’t screwed up too badly.
7.       I remember playing UNO with you and your sisters. It was at that time that I knew that you could take charge. You gave them orders and they followed. For some reason that personality trait impressed me.
8.       I remember making the step of putting my arm around you at a BYU-I concert. Man I thought I was really making progress about that time.
9.       I remember watching that Jane Eyre and just sticking around so I could make the next step... holding your hand. Well, I chickened out and you held my hand instead. I can’t believe I sat through Jane Eyre. What was that movie about again?
10.   I remember asking you to kiss me on the doorstep of your apartment. You agreed and I proceeded. Later you told me that I had killed the moment by asking. So I told you that I could have kissed you earlier, I was just making you want it.
11.   I remember the wedding day and telling you that you still had time to back down. Of course I didn’t expect it. Thankfully you went through with it.

12.   I remember having to go to the drive-thru at McDonalds on our wedding night because you had to have a hamburger. I knew then with even more certainty that you were right for me.
13.   I remember deciding that we were ready to start a family. I believe we both felt that it was the right time to start. Everything has fell into place since then.
14.   I remember your miscarriage and while all you could think about was the horrific incident, all I could think about was your mental and physical pain. Your welfare is and always has been my top concern.
15.   I remember the peanut butter on toast and the glass of milk that we would go all day on. I remember your countless hours doing lights, sound and makeup. I remember picking you up late at night only to start the routine the next day.
16.   I remember working as a dishwasher and for lunch eating whatever soup the cooks would let me snitch. They would send me home with soups that were getting old and we would enjoy.
17.   I remember teaching the Gospel Principle’s class at our married ward for a couple years. You always helped me fulfill my calling and made that class enjoyable for those who attended.
18.   I remember taking an eternal marriage class with you and a few times while walking to class we’d decide to skip out on the class to have lunch together. We both got A-‘s. Maybe what we were supposed to learn about becoming a couple wasn’t taught in the classroom but by spending time together.
19.   I remember adoring Samantha from the day she was born. We knew we had the most beautiful baby in the world. It turns out she’s the spitting image of you.

20.   I remember telling you when I wanted to quit Modern Woodmen. I didn’t know what we would do but I told you and you supported me. You always support me when I make a decision.  I took a job at Albertsons where I was making less in wages than our rental payment. You helped me search for jobs even when it seemed I was just going in circles. I credit you with the job I have today.
21.   You allowed me to make a decision to move to Sierra Vista, AZ where we knew no one and had little more than the clothes on our back. Again, I gave you a birthday that you wouldn’t forget. I moved you into an apartment that you hated and I could tell you were on the verge of tears.
22.   I remember you crying as we moved into our tiny apartment in Sierra Vista on your birthday. Yet again another birthday that wasn’t so great.

23.   I remember the close friendships we created at that time in Sierra Vista. I believe our ward was perfect for us and helped us make a smooth transition. Life started to come together for us down there.
24.   I remember eating out A LOT. Money wasn’t so tight at that time. We spent a lot of money eating out which was a good break for you to get out. My how those times were simpler with only one kid.
25.   I remember and always look forward to our talks about the future. We have dreams and goals that we want to achieve together. I love dreaming of the future with you because you give me the drive to achieve those dreams.
26.   I look forward to many more memories to be made. Each memory we share has gotten us to where we are today. I hope you have a great birthday with presents, cards, packages and the Wal-Mart cheesecake you bought yourself the other day. If only that husband of yours could cook!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day of Joy School

I am doing Joy School with a couple of friends in our ward this year. Our three kids will rotate which house they go to and we will teach little lessons. I am really excited! It is an actual program that my neighbor bought, so we don't even have to come up with the lessons by ourselves! Samantha was so excited for her first day. She even got to take her minion hat for show and tell!

June, Samantha, and Scout

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brigham City Temple and Samantha the Ballerina

It took three very long, very hot hours, but we made it into the Brigham City Temple on Monday. While we were in line, Michael made a very good point; our wait to see the temple was symbolic of the real journey to get to the temple. There are trials along the way. At times it would be easier to say never-mind or I'll try again later. It was hot and discouraging at times, but when we got inside, it was worth it! The kids did great. Samantha love the "sparkly light" in the celestial room.I'm so glad I was able to share that experience with my family. I'm also glad that Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Eliza were there to help wrangle the kids!

 Samantha had her first ballet class on Tuesday! Since it was the first class, her teacher, Mrs. Swan, let William and I stay and watch (Zach played at a neighbor's house). She was all smiles for most of the class. She did get her feelings hurt once because she wasn't picked several times to have a turn, but her teacher made sure she got a chance. I'm really glad that she is learning lessons like that, and I'm more glad that I don't have to watch every time. I breaks my heart to see my kid picked last, but that is how life goes sometimes. Other than that one short moment, I don't think I have ever seen my girl smile so much!

 TOP: Learning to plie. BOTTOM: Learning to releve. She is going to make a cute ballerina!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

William Ernest Robbins

It has been a crazy month and a half since my last post. Michael had a birthday, we went to Idaho again where Michael ran a 5K with a bunch of family (and he was the first from our group to cross the finish line - Go Michael!!!), I had a booth at the Tooele County Fair, I started making Angry Bird hats and have sold several (I'm a little tired of making them, but they sell so well I can't complain too much), I started having more and more doctor appointments, got refered to a specialist (a perinatologist) because the doctor was worried William wasn't growing like he should, did lots of non-stress tests, and then finally the doctor decided I needed to be induced last Sunday night.

We got to the hospital around 8 pm. I was then put on pitocin at midnight (a low dose) and then it was upped at 5 pm. It was a very long morning, but finally at 1:57 pm the nurse (that's right, not the doctor) helped me deliver William Ernest Robbins. The doctor walked in right after William made is debut. I think Dr. Vered was a bit surprised, but it was just fine. Luckily I had heard many stories growing up of my Grandma Leslie delivering babies when the doctor was late (she was a labor and delivery nurse), so I wasn't worried at all. I just wanted to finally have that kid out of me! He didn't want to wait either. I didn't even push once. I laughed at one point and the nurse said, "Don't even laugh or you'll laugh him out!" while she was trying to hurry and get everything ready.

William weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz and was 19.5 inches long. For being about 2 weeks early, I don't think he was as small as the doctor thought he might be. Thanks goodness!!!

When Samantha came to the hospital that night with my parents and sister, she was pretty scared of the bed and everything around me. The next day when I was showered and in my regular pajamas, she was much better. She did, however, want to sit and hold William for a very long time on both visits. She wasn't very happy to leave me at the hospital, but I was very thankful that she had my mom watching her. When Zach came to visit the first night I don't think he even noticed much. He wanted to drink some juice, crawl all over me, then explore the room with his cousin Edward (Lawrence and Melissa came to visit too).

For the first time ever, I stayed in the hospital two nights! I have to admit that it was really nice to spend an entire day there with room service, reading, and doing whatever I wanted. I think that is why I feel so good now. William spent the second night with the nurses and did great.

I feel so blessed to have my three wonderful children. I'm so thankful that they are healthy and happy. I love that the two older kids love their new baby brother. Samantha wants to hold him all the time. Zach wants to tickle his toes and point out his eyes, ears, mouth, etc... all the time. And Michael is such a great dad. It was a long stressful month, but he's here and he's healthy and that's all we could ask for!

 This is a picture of Samantha at Home Depot. She got to ride in the car cart and spin cookies with Grandpa! She loved all the time she got to spend with my parents!